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Crypto Mixer

Our objective is to make transactions safe and protect human privacy. The mission is to ensure anonymity of the individual from elements of the state that seek to snoop over financial transactions through unlawful means.


Crypto Mixer's main Concept

Bitcoin was designed as an anonymous and decentralized currency. But Bitcoin transactions are never truly anonymous. Bitcoin activities are recorded and available publicly via the blockchain — a comprehensive database that keeps a record of BTC transactions. And when you finally use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services, you will of course need to provide your name and address to the seller for delivery purposes. It means that a third party can trace your transactions and find ID information. To avoid this, Crypto Mixer provides the ability to exchange your bitcoins for different ones which cannot be associated with the original owner. Crypto Mixer does not track the source of funds.


Crypto Mixer's features

  • Securely mixes your coins and protects your privacy;
  • Operates with large reserve: up to 180 BTC;
  • Custom time-delay and percent distribution of coins;
  • Low and adjustable service fee and TOR-mirror for more privacy;
  • Mobile friendly Bitcoin Tumbling;
  • Easy-to-use API;
  • …and much more!

Privacy is a universal right of Bitcoin users

Privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society because it allows norms, ethics, and laws to be safely discussed and challenged. Without privacy, a free and open society can neither flourish nor exist.

That is why we have developed the Best Crypto Mixing service that helps keep your online purchases with Bitcoins anonymous and safe.


Crypto Mixer Reviews

I used cryptomixer today for a big ammount (aroun 12 BTC) and it was fast and accurate. Seems like a good option, fees are decent, interface is very simple, reputation solid, been around a long time.
Hero Member on BitcoinTalk
Yeah. seems that cryptomixer have a very active and much responsive team members to support users and reply their tickets. and they are also improving their service pretty past.. and this is also the second best mixing service in the crypto world...
Hero Member on BitcoinTalk
I just recently tried mixing with the new update and it is indeed faster than the beta phase. After 1 confirmation, it was immediately credited on my other wallet which instantly already have 1 confirmation in it.
Legendary Member on BitcoinTalk